Audi Rumored To Unveil 650HP Sport Quattro At Frankfurt!

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Reports have been going around the web recently about Audi planning to release a 650 horsepower Sport Quattro at the Frankfurt auto show in commemoration of Quattro’s 30th anniversary. The Audi Sport Quattro is rumored to have  a 4.0 liter V8 that produces a nice 650 horsepower, with the car weighing around 2,860 lbs. Pricing is yet to be confirmed but we don’t see it hitting the $200,000 mark, with limited production. The first Audi Sport Quattro debuted 30 years ago packing a 5 cylinder 2.5 liter engine which produced 380 horsepower. Check out the pics below!

audi-quattro-sport-1 audi-quattro-sport-2 audi-sport-quattro-3 audi-sport-quattro-4


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