Hans System Saves Porsche GT3 Drivers Life Crashing At 160MPH [VIDEO]

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I saw a post on 6speedonline.com today that literally felt like witnessing a miracle. It was a post by Vivid Racing regarding an email they received from their customer about a Hans system. The customer thanks the Hans system for saving his life when he crashed his Porsche GT3 at speeds of 160MPH with the whole video to show it. The impact was so hard, that you can tell in the video his neck could have snapped. Thanks to the Hans device which is a head and neck support system, the driver is doing fine; with that in mind we believe it is very important for all drivers who take their cars to the track to have a hans system. Check out the e-mail the customer sent below via 6SpeedOnline, and the video via VividRacing!



I’m completely a fan of your page. I live in France and bought a carbon intake from you for my 997 gt3 mkII. Unfortunately this, (the video below,) is what happened on the Catalunya F1 track last week. There was oil on the track, and I crashed my GT3 at more than 160 MPH. I’m safe, thanks to the car and the walls of the track (shock absorption). I want to show your fans my video, because that shows that a car prepared (roll bar, harness, buckets) can save lives. I will invest in a Hans system.


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