[UPDATE VIDEO]Maserati Unveils Ghibli At Shanghai Auto Show

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Maserati Unveiled it Ghibli mid sized sedan in Shanghai not too long ago. It was produced to go up against BMW’s 5-series, Mercedes’ E-Class, and Audis A6. Maserati hopes it will help them reach their goal of 50,000 cars per year. The Ghibli will be offered in a diesel engine (optional), it is the first time Maserati has released a car with a diesel engine. The turbo diesel 3.0 V6 was developed by Ferrari Scuderia’s former chief motorist, Paolo Martinelli and will get a little more then 47MPG. The most powerful of the V6’s will be the Twin Turbo powered Gjibli S pushing a nice 410 horsepower. The car looks spectacular from what we see in the images.

2014-Maserati-Ghibli-Sedan-Interior-627x437 2014-Maserati-Ghibli-Sedan-Rear-627x414

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